Skyros Travel: Trips, Tours, and Things to Do on Skyros

In lots of ways, Greece’s lovely little island of Skyros feels like one giant family home.

Skyros chora molo Skyros Travel Upiria

Only around 3,000 people live here. Even in the height of tourist season (which is pretty small in these parts), the population rarely swells above 8,000. You’ll find no major chains on the island. No globalized names. No huge hotels.

Instead, it’s a tiny island brimming with real people, real food, and real old-school culture… and when you take a trip with Skyros Travel, you feel like part of the family.

Our friend Lefteris (the big-brained main man behind Skyros Travel) is a born-and-raised Skyros local… and since 1986, he’s been helping tourists experience the place. He and his team of Skyros travel guides know every part of the island—they know its history, they know its people, and they know how to bring you the best of it.

They’ll give you hefty slices of old-school Greek culture, mixed with modern experiences and timeless hospitality. 

Yeah, it’s only a tiny island… but with Lefteris and his team, there are loads of things to do on Skyros.

What Things Can I Do on Skyros with Skyros Travel?


There are way too many adventures and activities to list here (including bespoke experiences depending on exactly what you’re looking for)... and we know you’re busy, so we don’t want to bombard you with hundreds of bullet points. 

But here are some of the highlights:

  • Boat trips: maybe on a modern metal boat, maybe on a retro wooden one. You’ll visit some of the smaller shores and sands close to Skyros—experiencing islands, caves, swimming spots, local food, island-made wine, and traditional music. You might even spot some local lizards; they’re (inexplicably!) 4x bigger than any other Greek lizards.
Chartering a Windsailing boat Skyros Travel Upiria
  • Horse riding and hiking, around various parts of the island, on adventures both long and short. Lefteris and his team know places that Google doesn’t, and they’ll take you around on unique walks and wanders.
Horse ridding Skyros Travel Upiria
  • Diving: you’ll see a bunch of local sea life (including urchins, fish, coral and more)… and hear about the area’s unique ecosystem.
Skyros Travel Diving Skyros Upiria
  • Religious tours: you’ll learn all about the island’s saintly side… and visit some of the most significant religious sites on Skyros (including the panorama-packed Monastery of Saint George, built back in the 10th century).
Aethrium of St. George Monastery Heritage Retreat Skyros Travel,Upirial
  • Foodie experiences: get all hands-on and messy with cookery classes, or munch and slurp on local food and wine. You’ll get your mouth around eats and treats exclusive to the island and its people. 
Skyros town restaurant Skyros travel Upiria
  • Culture and history tours, including trips to markets, museums, chapels, central streets, and more—an unparalleled way to learn about the people, history and heritage of Skyros.
Skyros Hiking Skyros Travel Upiria

Lefteris and the team also offer car hire, coach trips, taxi transfers, yachting experiences,  package tours, and accommodation options…

… and both short-length and long-length experiences, depending on what you’re looking for (and, of course, how much time you have). Want to go horse riding or hiking for just a couple of hours? Great! Or want the Skyros travel guides to plan your whole vacation, meet you when you arrive on the island, and accompany you for your entire trip? Also great!

Atsitsa Beach Skyros travel Upiria

In short, whatever you can do on Skyros, you can do it with Skyros Travel—and always in the most authentic and immersive way possible. 

(Well, apart from, like, being born on the island)

Alright, this all Sounds Pretty Good—But Why Wouldn’t I Just Plan My Skyros Island Vacation Myself?

Koimothoi Boat Skyros Travel Upiria

As we’ve already told you (about ten million times), there are endless things to do on Skyros. But here’s the thing: it isn’t the most touristy place in the world… so you don’t get the same infrastructure or information you might get in Athens or Crete or Corfu.

On little Skyros, public transport can be limited. English speakers can be tough to track down. Taxis can be expensive. Driving a hire car can be intimidating. And it can be difficult to find online information.

So, yeah, there are loads of things to do on Skyros… but accessing and enjoying them can be tricky without some local help.

(And with a Skyros Travel guide, you get all the fun without any of the hassle!)

Are Skyros Travel Tours and Trips all With Local People?


If you get involved with a Skyros Travel adventure, you’ll only ever see real local people and real local culture. You won’t be throwing your money at a billionaire hotel owner. You’re not giving your cash to Hilton, or Hard Rock Cafe, or McDonald’s. Instead, you’re helping local people, and feeding local mouths.

More importantly, all the local guides are experts in what they do. You’ll dive with a diving expert. You’ll horse-ride with a horse-riding expert. You’ll hear historical insights from a history expert. You’ll… I’m sure you get the idea.

Skyros Travel Heritage Retreat Skyrian Horses Skyros Travel Upiria

Lefteris and his team have been refining their fun for over 25 years, they’re a bunch of experienced and energetic people, and they all know the area ridiculously well. They’ll give you bespoke advice and experiences, they’ll answer all your questions, and they’ll make you feel like part of the family. 

You’ll walk onto the island with a smile on your face. You’ll leave it with an even bigger one. 

So join Skyros Travel for a little while. And experience the island like the locals do.

All Skyros Travel tours and trips are offered in English, German, and (of course!) Greek. During every experience and adventure, you get a local guide, local insights, and a load of local experiences. Looking for things to do on Skyros? You’ve found them. 

Efcharistó, and thanks for reading!

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