Sami Trekking: Cycling and Hiking Tours in Kefalonia

Coming up in this guide: big hikes in Kefalonia, little hikes in Kefalonia, running around the mountains, some tasty local snacks, and one of the most beautiful bays you’ve ever seen. 

You’re visiting Kefalonia.

Sami Trekking Kefalonia blue waters Upiria

You want some outdoor fun.

Maybe some hiking. Maybe some cycling. 

Maybe even some trail running. 

… whatever it is, you want to do it without getting lost, spending ten million hours looking at a map, or being surrounded by endless other tourists. 

Well, Lambros Papalambros (owner of adventure-loving Sami Trekking) is the man for you.

Meet Lambros Papalambros 

Our friend Lambros won’t mind us saying this…

....but let’s just say he’s a little bit… different

Sami trekking hiking mountain view Kefalonia Upiria

A big-time outdoor adventurer, he spends his spare time running ultramarathons (which are sort of like traditional marathons—but even longer). Over the last few years, he’s run races measuring in at 168 kilometers (104 miles), 107 kilometers (66.5 miles), and 84 kilometers (52 miles).

(No, don’t worry—he’s not gonna take you on any adventures like those ones). 

But he and the Sami Trekking team (who are all as wild as Lambros!) use hiking and cycling to introduce visitors to different parts of Kefalonia. The team are based in the town of Sami, but they offer excitement and adventures throughout the island.

So, expect to see famous places, not-so-famous places, and a whole load of natural beauty. And expect to see it all by exercising.

What can I do with Sami Trekking?

Generally, their adventures fall into four separate categories:

  • Walking tours: the gentlest of all the options, these are best for families and older people. Expect short wanders, tourist sights, old villages, ancient homes, and pretty views. And along the way, you’ll get insights into history, heritage, and culture. 
  • Trekking tours: like walking, but tougher. Typical highlights include bridges, monasteries, peaks, and views of mountains, forests, and coastlines. Some tours are 3 hours and flat, some are 8 hours and steep, and others are somewhere in the middle.
  • Cycling tours: you’ll ride to and through coastal paths, lakes, caves, and lonely roads with very few people. All cycling tours are around 3 hours, and you can use either e-bikes or manual bikes.
  • Trail running tours: built for intense adventurers, highlights include mixed terrain, steep inclines and declines, a genuine physical challenge, and seeing sights while you run. All trail running tours are around 6 hours—and these tours are super unique. 

The Sami Trekking team offer dozens of different adventures, but top specific tours include:

sami trekking group climbing mountain kefalonia upiria
  • Sami Bike Geopark: dirt roads, a lake cave, an olive grove, a local farm, some locally-sourced eats and treats, and challenging but accessible fun. 
  • Sami Classic Tour: adventurous but easy, this low-level hiking trail is suitable for pretty much everyone. It features a monastery, the Acropolis, a secret canyon, lots of coastal views, the town of Sami itself, and a beautiful bay.
  • Antisamos-Koutsoupia Hiking Cruise Tour: a big varied combo of fun, this tour features hiking, viewpoints, beaches, boats, a cruise, island views, and a traditional Greek lunch. If you're unsure which tour to take, this one’s a good choice.
  • Secret Tours: during these special experiences, Lambros takes tourists to places only he knows. You’ll hit unmarked trails, you’ll see things you won’t find on the internet, and (apart from your group) you won’t meet any other tourists.

… and for something bespoke, you can chat to the team—if you want to see a certain place in a certain way, they'll build an experience for you. You can also ask the team’s advice on weather conditions, specific times of year, and what’s possible according to your energy and experience.

Fun fact: Sami Trekking is the ONLY company specializing in cycling and hiking in Kefalonia. Other companies offer similar activities… but these guys know ALL the best cycling routes and walking trails in Kefalonia.

sami trekking cycling group Kefalonia Upiria

What can I expect from a Sami Trekking experience?

The first thing you need to know is this: Lambros isn’t from Kefalonia*. 

(*He’s actually from another part of Greece. But he came to the island for the same reason you’re planning to—because, in his words, “it’s paradise.”)

So, showing people around the island isn’t Lambros’ job. Instead, it’s his hobby. His passion project. The thing he does on the side.

… and when you take a tour with Lambros and his team, that’s exactly how it feels. You’re being led by people who care about the island, its people, its views, and its history. 

In short, these tours are all about seeing beautiful places in an intimate and laid-back way… and with the help of some local experts. 

Sami Trekking People Hiking Kefalonia Upiria

Big perks of the tours include: 

  • Safety: you’re not riding solo—so you won’t fall off a cliff, be bitten by a snake, or get lost in the forest. 
  • Seclusion: because the team know the island so well, you’ll see stuff most tourists don’t (pretty useful, considering the island gets tens of thousands of visitors each year).
  • Cozy vibes: all tours are fun and laid-back. You’ll laugh, you’ll smile, you’ll make friends. 
  • Local insights: you’ll meet local people, you’ll hear stories about the island’s culture, and some tours feature regional foods and drinks.

Yep, some Kefalonia visitors just want sunshine, beach umbrellas, and cold beers—and there's nothing wrong with that. 

But if you want to *do* something on the island, Sami Trekking is the team for you. 

Which languages do the Sami Trekking team speak?

English, German, Italian, French, and—of course!—Greek. So if you can speak any of those languages, you can get involved.

How do I book an experience with Sami Trekking?

This very moment, on this very page! All the different adventure options are on the sidebar to your right. Click, book, experience. 

As we say in Greece—páme!

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