Markellos Olive: Olive Oil Tasting and Olive Farm Tours in Greece

Coming up: virtual reality, a proud family, olive oil tours, regional food, local culture, ancient trees, friendly faces, and tasting some of the best olive oil on the planet.

Sitting on the outskirts of the little Greek village of Galataki, Markellos Olive is a family-owned farm, home to an olive plant and an olive mill.

But that reaaallllyyy doesn’t tell the full story. 

Highlights of the entire tale include:


  • Greek food
  • Local flavors
  • Family homes
  • Olive oil tasting
  • Four generations 
  • Eating local treats 
  • Picking, planting and pressing
  • Modern twists on old techniques 
  • And the first-ever virtual reality tour of a Greek olive farm!

But this is probably all a little confusing for now. 

… so let’s start at the beginning:

Dimitris Markellos, 1932

Back in 1932, a man named Dimitris Markellos started a legacy:

He bought some land, close to Galataki.

Markellos Olive Oil Tasting Olive Oil Tasting Farm Korinth Upiria

He picked up a shovel, he dug up some soil, and he planted an olive tree.

… then, over the following years, he planted many more.

He used the olives from these trees to make olive oil.

Eventually, he started a small business by selling the oil.

… and he built a home on the land.

Markellos Olive Oil Tasting Olive Oil Tasting Korinth Upiria

But that’s just the beginning: 

16 years later, in 1948, his son Nikolaos Markellos took over the business. He expanded, he modernized, he made his father’s oil even better.

In 1981, Nikolaos’ sons, Dimitris and Panagiotis, inherited the olive grove from their father.

They worked on the land with their hands. 

They dug, and planted, and picked.

They checked every olive, to make sure each one was high-quality. They cleaned and sliced and pressed each fruit. Hours of work went into each little spoonful of oil.

Eventually, Dimitris and Panagiotis were helped by their own young children. 

These kids helped to dig the soil. Plant the trees. Pick the fruits. They played in the fields. They laughed and joked. They ate big meals in the family home, which still sits on the farmland today.

The Markellos Family, 2024

Now, things have changed again.

And these young children are adults.

The four of them are:

Brothers Nikos and Mike, and their cousins Nikos and Christos (who are also brothers).

… and the four of them now own the business. 

Some of the four lived on the farm for many years.

And Nikos and Mike’s parents still live on the farm.

And, now, the Markellos family invite Greece’s visitors on olive oil tours around their plantation.

… and they’re working with Upiria (that’s us!) to introduce more guests to their farm and their flavors. 

What will I do on an olive oil tour with the Markellos family?

During the Markellos olive oil experience, you’ll taste, touch, learn, wander around the farm, explore the mill—and hear stories about local history and family life.

Markellos Olive Oil Tasting Olive Oil Tasting Virtual Experience in the farm_arkellos Olive Oil Tasting_Olive Oil Tasting Virtual Experience in the farm Korinth Upiria

Olive oil tasting is pretty similar to wine tasting (except you don’t get drunk). Expect special glasses, tasting notes, advice on flavors you’re looking for, and matching snacks (locally-sourced eats and treats include bread, fruit, and salad!).

Markellos Olive Oil Tasting Olive Oil Tasting Virtual Experience Korinth Upiria

You’ll talk about smell, taste and intensity. You’ll eat olives and olive paste. You’ll see olive trees, you’ll explore the family farm, you’ll hear facts and stats, and you’ll learn what olive oil should taste like.

Spoiler alert: if olive oil tastes sort of like cucumber or wine, it’s bad.

And… as we (sort of) mentioned earlier, some tours include a virtual reality experience

(… which makes these adventures different from most olive farm tours in Greece…)

… and means you can see the entire production period no matter when you’re visiting. 

During the virtual reality tour, you:

  • See trees get fed, watered, and taken care of
  • Participate in the production process
  • Explore machinery and equipment 
  • Get immersive 360-degree views
  • … and drive a tractor*!

*not a real one, obviously.

Other reasons to take an olive oil tour with the Markellos family include:

  • Endless nearby fun: including Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, many beaches and villages (including the super-scenic Loutra Elenis), and excellent food and wine. 
  • You’re helping the local economy: the Markellos family support grassroots projects, work with local people, and sponsor amateur sports clubs and cultural clubs.
  • It’s unique: Markellos Olive are the ONLY company offering olive farm tours in this part of Greece.
  • Because they’re icons of the olive oil game: local people know Markellos as one of the best Greek olive oil brands. And they’ve won many awards for taste, tourism and innovation. 

What can I expect from an olive oil experience with the Markellos family?

All tours are fun, homely, and laid-back.

You get real Greek food, a real Greek family, and real Greek hospitality. 

Remember Nikos, who we mentioned earlier? Well, all olive oil tours are led by either Nikos or his sister—so you’ll always meet a member of the family (and you’ll have all your questions answered).

Yep, the Markellos mill has grown and developed into one of the best olive oil farms in Greece. 

… but this is still a family business. 

… and they’re still a proud family. 

And when you visit, that’s exactly how it feels.

You won’t meet Dimitris Markellos. But more than 90 years after he started the farm, his spirit still lives on.

In which languages can I take olive oil tasting tours?

Greek, English, and French (though you need to specifically request a French tour).

… and you can book all experiences on this page right now (using the sidebar to your right.). Enjoy!

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