Go Crete Safari: Off-Road Crete Jeep  Tours in Unexplored Areas

Coming up: places most cars can’t reach, escaping the Crete crowds, seeing places other tourists don’t, local people, regional food and drink, and world-class Crete tours.

Crete is Greece’s biggest island—and Greece’s most populated island.

… and up to 5 million travelers visit the place each year.

So you probably think it’s all accessible, it’s all been done, and there are no secrets left on the island.

But ask our smiling friend Michalis Papachrisanthou, and he’ll tell you why you’re wrong. 

Michalis, Crete Tours, and Crete Safaris

Local man Michalis was born and raised in Crete, in the small coastal city of Agios Nikolaos.

He’s spent most of his X years on the island, he knows many of Crete’s people, and he’s been exploring every pocket of the place since he was born.

In 2012, he decided to share the island's real secrets with tourists and travelers. 

Which Crete tours and Crete excursions can I take with Michalis and his team?

Which Crete Tours and Crete excursions can I take with Michalis and his team?

Go Crete Safari offer a bunch of experiences.

But their five most popular (and the five you can book on this page!) are:

  • Lassithi Plateau: you’ll visit a local old-school olive oil mill, a traditional stone shepherd's hut, and the Cave of Zeus (where, according to some mythology, Zeus was born). You can also expect old Roman roads, two view-packed plateaus, the ruins of a Roman aqueduct, and traditional Cretan food and coffee. A lovely combo of nature, history, and heritage.
  • Paradise of Eastern Crete: featuring lots of real rural life, this Crete tour is far from the busy northern part of the island… and takes you to underrated and unexplored parts of the place. You’ll feed goats, visit a zoo, sip on homemade raki, swim in local waters, munch on food you've never heard of, and see panoramic views of Crete’s eastern edge.
  • The Roads of Wine, Oil, and Cretan Tradition: on this Crete tour, you get a big focus on food and drink. Expect traditional villages (including the strange slowly-sinking

Of course, Michalis knows the island’s most popular places. But he won’t take you to them—because they’re easy to reach and easy to Google. Instead, Michalis invites you to hop into one of his 30+ Jeeps, and explore underrated and unknown parts of Crete.

Why do Go Crete Safari use Jeeps? And why are these Crete tours actually called ‘Crete Safaris’?

Michalis and his team use Jeeps, Land Rovers and quad bikes for one reason: 

Because those vehicles can reach places other cars can’t.

… and the experiences are called ‘safaris’ because you get off the main roads, and onto the rural ones—and you see real Crete life (not just the touristy stuff most other travelers see)

To see Crete’s real secrets, you need to go off-road. So on an adventure with Michalis and his team, you can expect dirt tracks, inaccessible-by-car beaches, old roads the Roman once used, and mid-ride stopping to let herds of goats cross the street.

These aren’t normal cars, these aren’t normal routes, and these aren’t normal Crete tours. In short, everything you get is about adventure and authenticity.

And that’s why Michalis and his team are working with Upiria. They’re a real Greek team, and we’re a real Greek team—and we all want to bring curious visitors closer to real Greek people. 

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