Extreme Paths: Trekking and Climbing in Greece, and Mount Olympus Hikes

Coming up: outdoor adventures, fun-loving local experts, and multi-day Mount Olympus hikes.

You’re visiting Greece. 

You’re looking for real outdoor adventures. 

And you want to tackle those outdoor adventures without getting lost, confused, or eaten by bears.

… well, that’s why we’re introducing you to Extreme Paths.

A friendly group of local adventure experts, they offer hiking, climbing, canyoning, cycling, river trekking, and loads more outdoor excitement. They’re based inbut their adventures cover massive areas of Greece.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: ‘big wow, who cares? Loads of companies offer that sort of stuff.’ 

Well, that’s true.

But the team behind Extreme Paths are a lot different. Here’s how:

Who are Extreme Paths?

Extreme Paths are a team of Greek locals who, between them, have conquered pretty much every outdoor experience in Greece (and many more outdoor experiences across the world). 

Extreme Paths Team Mount Olympus Upiria

The team includes: 

George Nteros, who’s been hiking, climbing and mountain biking for more than 20 years—he’s tackled expeditions in the Alps, the Caucasus, and the Himalayas. He’s IRATA-certified for working at heights and handling safety equipment, he’s trained in first aid, and he’s a mountaineering and climbing instructor with the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing.

Panagiotis Goumperis is another Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing guide, and a member of the Hellenic Mountain Guide Association. He’s hiked and climbed pretty much every mountain in Greece, and enjoyed expeditions in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovenia, and Georgia.

Poulimenos Dimitris is a mountain climber and hiker with over 10 years of experience—and he regularly delivers in-school hiking and climbing classes to kids.

Barbara Kalaidopoulou organizes and handles all the paperwork for the team—but she’s also a climber and mountain biker. Yep, even the Extreme Paths admin expert is fitter than most people on the planet. That’s the type of team we’re dealing with here.

Extreme Paths also work with many other associate experts in climbing, hiking, and cycling. Some are professional tour guides, some are professional interpreters, and some are both.

So, in short, Extreme Paths are experts. Real experts. They’ve tackled the routes up Mount Olympus, they know the best time to climb Mount Olympus, and they serve up a huge number of under-the-radar adventures. They don’t just deliver standard stuff.

What outdoor adventures do Extreme Paths organize?

The major Extreme Paths adventures are centered around mythical Mount Olympus.

extreme paths climbing mount olympus upiria

(Just in case you haven’t heard of the place, Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in the nation… and according to Greek myth, it’s where the Gods used to live, and where they used to chow down on big tasty portions of ambrosia and nectar. Is it the most famous mountain in the world? Probably.)

Anyway, the Olympus adventures you can book on this page (right now!) are:

  • 2-day and 3-day Mount Olympus hikes, taking you to Mytikas (the highest peak on the mountain, measuring in at a massive 2,917 meters / 9,572 feet). If you’re hunting for the biggest Greek hiking adventure you can get, this is it.
  • River-trekking excursions on Orlias. You’ll navigate the tricky confines of this Olympus gorge, combining walking, clambering, climbing, and even a bit of paddling.
  • Hiking in Enipeas Canyon (also situated on Olympus!). This is a great family-friendly option, because it’s relatively flat and it’s relatively easy. Expect little lakes and waterfalls, lots of pretty mountain views, and even a cave chapel.

Other experiences Extreme Paths offer include:

  • Hiking adventures: four-day hikes, one-day hikes, hard hikes, easy hikes. Whatever type of walking adventure you’re looking for, Extreme Paths will give you it.
  • Climbing: expert routes, beginner routes, technical routes, technical seminars, bouldering, rope climbing, and more.
  • Via ferrata: in this unique type of adventure, equipment is fixed into the natural landscape, to make hiking more accessible. Expect cables, ropes, ladders, rungs, steps, and simple ways to see beautiful places. 
  • Canyoning: in these adventures, you navigate through a canyon in whatever way you can. Expect hiking, swimming, sliding, diving, rappelling, and paddling.
  • Cycling: all cycling adventures use e-bikes, making the routes easy and accessible (cos your precious little legs are helped by electrical power).
  • … and rappelling, skiing, and cultural experiences. 

… whichever adventure you choose, you’ll learn about local people, culture, heritage, and history. And because you’re adventuring in mythical parts of the world, you’ll also learn about myths and legends of the region.

So whether you’re doing Mount Olympus Hikes, or river treks or whatever else, you’ll get insights into the people and places you’re passing. A lovely little cocktail of exercise, adventure, and friendly faces!

Who are Extreme Paths’ outdoor adventures for?

Everyone. Including you.

extreme paths group climbing mount olympus thessaloniki Upiriar

Yeah, they’re an ‘extreme’ company… 

… but they know every person’s ‘extreme’ is something different.

Maybe you’ve tackled hundreds of outdoor adventures. Maybe you’ve only done a couple of hikes in your life. Or maybe you’ve never been in a forest before.

Whatever the case, the team will craft an adventure that’s “extreme” for you.

Aside from huge physical challenges, they also offer kid-friendly experiences, family-friendly experiences, school trips, and couple-friendly fun.

So no matter who you are, and who you’re traveling with, Extreme Paths will put together a safe and exciting outdoor adventure for you. And if you want something specific, or have specific needs, the team can build you a bespoke outdoor experience. 

Which languages do Extreme Paths speak?

Most adventures are in English—and since you’re reading this, you’re probably pretty comfortable with English too. 

But they also offer experiences in Greek (of course!), along with German, Hungarian, and Serbian. 

How do I book an experience with Extreme Paths?

On this page! 

See the sidebar just to the right of where you’re looking right now? Click on an experience, read the details, book a spot, and have a real Greek outdoor adventure. Páme!

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