Evia Private Tours: 20+ local-led things to do in Evia

Coming up: real Greek food, a mysterious bunch of bricks, two lifelong locals, getting more drunk than you should, under-the-radar things to see in Greece, and 20+ tours and activities in Evia.

Today, we’re taking you to Evia.

The second-biggest island in Greece (in terms of both population and size), it’s less touristy than you probably expect*

*ideal if you’re looking for something adventurous and authentic without having to wander far from Athens.

Evia Private Tours Sunset Dafni Upiria

But before we reach modern-day Evia, we’re taking you on a 12-year trip:

Nikos and Georgia (12 years ago)

A Greek couple born and raised on the island of Evia, Nikos and Georgia are two of our most adventurous friends (and we think you’ll like them):

Back in 2012, the pair decided to escape Evia for a while. 

Over the next 7 years, they traveled to 4 continents and over 50 countries (including Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, and Mexico).

Then, in 2019, they returned home: back to the pretty-big Greek island where they were born. 

And a place where they feel they belong:

Evia is an island where a unique and authentic culture still exists. An island where only 20% of the visitors come from outside Greece. An island where you won’t find hyper-modern infrastructure or rows of 5-star hotels. 

Alpine Lakes Panorama Mantoudi Evia Private Tours

Yep, Evia sits only a 1-hour drive from Athens: so you’d probably imagine it’s super modern, full of tourists, and cosmopolitan and commercial.

But you’d be wrong.

Evia: a *real* Greek island

Although Evia is easier to access than Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Corfu*, it’s WAY less touristy and developed than all four. On Evia, food is non-commercial, most farming is non-commercial, and you won’t find big names or well-known chains.

(*Quick disclaimer: there’s nothing wrong with Santorini, Crete, Rhodes and Corfu. We love those places too. But if you’re looking for untouristy locations, they’re not for you.)

Evia Private Tours Evia wine tour Upiria

Anyway, Evia is the type of place where wineries are owned by brothers. Where small farms have been worked and managed by the same family for many generations. Where tavernas are owned by mothers and their sons. 

… and when you head to these tavernas on Evia, you won’t find moussaka, or dolmades, or the dishes you might know from Greek restaurants back home. Instead, you’ll find the no-fuss comfort-food flavor-packed classics real Greek people eat every day.

Fewer than 5% of Greece’s tourists come here—and when you visit the island with Nikos and Georgia, you’ll meet real local people, you’ll see real local life, and you’ll munch on age-old local classics. Nikos and Georgia want more guests to see the real side of Greece (and see the best things to do in Evia)—and that’s why they're working with Upiria.

Which activities can I do with Nikos and Georgia?

Evia Private Tour Olive oil Tasting Evia Upiria

Nikos and Georgia offer a HUGE amount of tours and activities in Evia:

Pilgrimages, sunset tours, olive oil tasting (with more of our friends over at Markellos Olive!), climbing, airport transfers (with The Greek Taxi), monastery tours, and hiking (including to the highest peak on the island). 

But we’re not gonna give you all the details (cos time is precious and you don’t have all day).

So here’s more on four of their most popular experiences: 

  • Food tours and local-produce tours: these full-day tours span 200km (130 miles) of the island. You’ll visit local producers, farmers and families—and you’ll taste seasonal stuff. Highlights might include mushrooms, figs, honey, feta cheese, pomegranate, wineries, bakeries, farms, workshops, local tavernas, and lots of making and munching. One of the best things to do in Evia for learning about local food.
  • DragonHouses Mysteries’: Evia is home to over 20 ‘Dragon Houses.’ Like Greek versions of Stonehenge, no-one knows why these big buildings exist: were they guard posts? Protection against pirates? Temporary homes? A refuge for Christians? Whatever they were, you can visit two of them with Nikos and Georgia—one is easy to reach; the other sits at the end of a steep 2-hour hike. One of the strangest things to see in Greece.
  • Evia wine tours: another full day of fun, expect a bunch of wineries and vineyards in central Evia. Highlights include family-owned plantations, ancient techniques, small-scale productions, and slurping on local flavors (while learning about how it's all made). Don’t be surprised when you go home drunk.
  • Cooking classes: during this 8-hour cooking class, Georgia will lead you through the history, heritage and flavors of real Greek food (not just stuff you’ve already heard of). All foods and flavors are seasonal, dictated by whatever is fresh and fertile.
Evia PrivateTours cookingclass Evia Upiria

Nikos and Georgia also offer bespoke build-your-own experiences—and they’re among the best private tours in Greece.

What’s the atmosphere of Nikos and Georgia’s tours and activities in Evia?

Whichever experience you take, the focus is on getting all local: 

You’ll meet real local people, farms and suppliers—and visit family-managed businesses and tavernas. 

All tours are led by either Nikos, Georgia, or one of Nikos’ cousins. These are lifelong locals, and they know and understand the people and places of the island.

So you’ll meet real people, you’ll see real places, and you'll have one of the most authentic travel experiences you’ve ever had. Tours are fun and laid-back—and many feature hands-on interactive adventures.  

Evia Private Tours Manikia Climbing Upiria

Private tours in Greece aren’t usually this personal.

… and as a nice bonus, there’s also a big focus on sustainability: all tours are carbon neutral, and Nikos and Georgia are TourCert qualified for their commitments to monitor, measure and minimize their overall carbon footprint.

In which languages can I take tours? And how do I book an adventure?

You can take all tours and experiences in English, Spanish, and Greek.

… and to book one of these tours and activities in Evia, click on one of the buttons on your right. Easy!

As we say in Greece: páme!

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