Eco Bike Greece Crete: Unique and Exciting Bike Tour Experiences in Heraklion

In this blog post, we introduce you to our good friends Eco Bike Greece Crete. They craft incredible Heraklion experiences, with lots of exciting ways to explore the city and its sights.
Pioneered by local entrepreneur Alex, Eco bike greece Crete are most famous for their accessible, inclusive ecobike tours. As you whizz around the city, you learn about local history, heritage and gastronomy, and all from a born-and-raised Greek guy who’s been living in Heraklion for almost two decades.

And they also offer much more than that! But before we get to all that stuff, here’s what you need to know about our good friend Alex…

Meet Alex, The Big Brains Behind Eco Bike Greece Crete

Alex was born Thessaloniki, in northern Greece.

But in 2005, he moved south to Crete, to kickstart an exciting new adventure.

He and his wife began working with Crete’s visitors in 2015, renting out apartments to the city’s tourists and travelers. But Alex quickly learned that people often found it hard to properly explore the area—they didn’t know what to see, what to do, or where to go.

Eco Bikes Greece Couple Eco Bike crete heraklion Upiria

So he gave them a way to do it, with his innovative business Eco bike greece Crete. We think they offer some of the best experiences in Heraklion.

What Can I Do With Eco Bike Greece Crete?

They’re most well-known for their excellent Heraklion bike tours, which they’ve been offering since 2018.

For around 2.5 hours, you explore 20 kilometers of the city’s labyrinthine streets while zooming around on the back of a pedal-free motorized bike.

For the whole time, you ride alongside Alex, learning about the city’s history, heritage and culture. You’ll hear stories and facts about the legends and people that have shaped the city, its atmosphere and its architecture.

On your fast blast around Heraklion, you’ll hit the city’s most iconic spots and famous sights. And if you like taking photographs, Alex knows all the top places to grab the best snaps. You’ll also visit lots of under-the-radar locations, so you’ll see stuff that most tourists don’t.

Eco Bikes Greece Three people eco Bike crete heraklion Upiria

But best of all, every tour is unique. Because no ride around the city ever has more than 6 guests, they’re all private, personalized and bespoke. Want to visit a specific building? Thirsty to stop at a store for a quick drink? Will you be touring with kids who want to visit a park? Whatever you feel like doing, Alex can help you to do it.

Partway through every tour, Alex also takes tourists on a park-based quest. On this treasure hunt activity, you search for faces and objects dotted around the park. This mini quest is one of the most popular parts of the tours, and one of the most unusual things to do in Heraklion.

And when the whole ride’s over, you end your tour right beside the sea. Here, you munch on tasty snacks, and sip on local wine and raki. You also have plenty of time to ask Alex questions, and get recommendations for places to eat and drink.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Taking a Tour With Eco Bike Greece Crete

  • You get plenty of fresh air and sunshine
  • You’ll meet other travelers and tourists, perfect for future adventures in and around Crete
  • There’s no rush. Lots of tours feel hurried, clinical and tired. But with Alex, you get lots of time for photographs, sightseeing and conversation
  • All tours are available in both Greek and (very fluent!) English
  • The tours are hugely inclusive and accessible. Everyone (presuming they’re aged 12 or over!) can get involved. It doesn’t matter how fit, capable or experienced you are
  • Because you’re on an eco-bike, you can cover lots of ground comfortably and conveniently. It’s the perfect solution if you’re short on time

Other Experiences in Heraklion with Eco Bike Greece Crete

After you meet Alex and zip around on one of his eco bike tours, there’s a hefty chance you’ll want to spend more time in his company, learning all about Crete and Heraklion.

Luckily for you, they offer two extra adventures: wine tasting sessions, and traditional Cretan experience evenings.

During the wine tasting sessions, you visit local wineries, sipping and slurping on tasty traditional wine. It’s scrumptious and educational, and it’s a brilliant insight into local heritage and culture.

During the Cretan experience evenings, you get traditional music (played on traditional instruments!), all accompanied by Cretan dances, unlimited wine and drool-inducing Greek food. Ever wanted to learn how to smash a Greek plate the traditional way? Now you can!

ecobike greece two bikes heraklion crete upiria

For a mixture of fun, history, and local insights, these adventures are some of the best things to do in Heraklion.

Thanks For Reading!

If you want any more information, visit Eco Bike Greece Crete’s official website here.

We totally recommend booking an experience for yourself, and going on a lovely little adventure with our good friend Alex. His tours are some of the most exciting things to do in Heraklion, so get involved and join the fun!

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