Aristotle’s Path: Heritage Tours and Adventure Tours in Halkidiki

In this blog post, we’ve brought you exciting information on Aristotle’s Paths travel agency, P. Markogiannaki an unique hiking company offering treks, heritage tours and adventure tours in Halkidiki, one of the most beautiful parts of northern Greece.

Aristotle’s Path combines heritage, history and hiking into fun-stuffed packages of education and adventure. If you’re on the hunt for Halkidiki heritage tours, Halkidiki hiking tours or Halkidiki adventure tours, you’ve found them.

Aristotle’s Path is owned, managed and pioneered by Politimi Markogiannaki a local adventurer who wants to share her home with tourists and travelers. She knows the area, its history and its people much better than most.

If you like hiking, meeting real people, learning about local gastronomy or just eating and drinking lots of tasty treats, you’ll absolutely love what Aristotle’s Paths travel agency offers. It combines Aristotle’s history, teaching and philosophies with the four elements that shaped the world around both him and us. In and around Aristotle’s birthplace, you learn about the area, its people, and its most famous man.

Aristotles Path Heritage Tours Adventure Tours Halkidiki Forest Upiria

This isn’t just hiking. Instead, it’s an unforgettable experience, packed with insight, information and immersion.

Aristotle’s Path offer three different types of experiences:

Shorter Hikes

Aristotles Path Heritage Tours Adventure Tours Halkidiki Sea View Upiria
Best for: Cultural insights, relaxing walks, and chowing down on local gastronomy 

Depending on which of these shorter walks you choose, your experiences might include wine tasting, beer tasting, oil olive tasting,  local orchards, horse riding, fresh honey, homegrown food, historical sites, traditional music, and important towns and villages.

On each walk, you’ll encounter traces of the people and places that influenced Aristotle and his work.

Two of the most important settlements you might pass through include Arnaia and Stageira. While charming Arnaia is still a functioning (and very beautiful!) village, the ruins of ancient Stageira make up Aristotle's birthplace, one of Greece’s most important historic sites.

Whichever route you choose, you’ll enjoy an immersive and accessible walk suitable for all ages and abilities. These shorter walks are around 2.5km (1.5 miles), and last around 1 hour.

Each of these shorter walks is based around a different fundamental element: water, earth, or air.

Longer Hikes

Best for: Physical challenges, multi-day treks, and some of Greece’s most incredible views
Aristotles Path Heritage Tours Adventure Tours Halkidiki View Upiria

In this category, you have another three walks.

Two of them take you to the monasteries of Mount Athos. One is a two-day challenge with relatively difficult summits, and another is a three-day epic with even harder ascents. But depending on how many people you’re hiking with, and how much of a physical challenge you want, every hike is bespoke.

On them both, you sleep in the mountain’s monasteries, meeting monks, immersing yourself in a rudimentary existence, and learning about a sacred way of life.

Apart from these monasteries, you’ll find little else along your hike—no roads, no towns, little civilization, and few signs of modern life. Tackling these hikes is like stepping 2000 years back into the past. Only 110 pilgrims are allowed to enter Mount Athos each day, so it’s an enigmatic and alluring location, and a totally unforgettable experience.

But there’s a catch: only men are allowed on these monastery tours. For more than 1,000 years, women (and even female animals!) have been banned from the area.

But it’s not all bad news: if you’re female and you want a similar experience, there’s something for you too.

Women can instead visit nearby Kakavos Mountain. On this one-day hike, you’ll pass lakes, rivers, distant peaks, and lots of local wildlife. Again, you’ll encounter places that are only accessible on-foot, and you’ll do it with the help of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable local guide.

Aristotle’s Trail

Best for: Learning all about Aristotle, a recognized challenge, and enjoying an iconic adventure 

Aristotle's Trail is also a longer hike. But because it’s one of Greece’s most famous long-distance walks, it’s a beast of its own.

This is a great way to experience one of the planet’s most iconic journeys. And it’s much better than attempting the trail alone.

The route clocks in at 15km (9 miles), and takes hikers through lots of the places that shaped Aristotle, his life, and his work. The route runs to the historical ruins of ancient Stageira from the diminutive modern village of the same name, and takes in the peaks, panoramas, flowers and fauna of the protected rural region between the two.

If you tackle the trail with Aristotle’s Path, you don’t have to worry about navigating, planning your route, or getting lost. Instead, you can just look up, look around, and enjoy a beautiful place.

Even better, your guide will know the trail and its history very well. So while you’re walking, you’ll learn all about the area and Aristotle, and how the two are entirely intertwined.

Our Three Favorite Things About Working With Aristotle’s Path:

Aristotles Path Heritage Tours Adventure Tours Halkidiki Sea View Upiria

We massively recommend booking an experience with Polimitimi and Aristotle’s Path. They’re a brilliant bridge from the past to the present, and they’ll teach you about Aristotle, Halkidiki, and the area’s people and places.

If you’re looking for Halkidiki heritage tours and Halkidiki adventure tours, your hunt is over! 

For even more information, check out the company’s official website here.

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