Active Thess Holidays: Local-Led Bike Rides and Food Tours in Thessaloniki

Coming up: eating, drinking, simple cycling, one of the friendliest locals you’ve ever met, and flavor-filled cooking classes in Thessaloniki.

Greece’s second-biggest city serves up a huge number of tourist experiences…

… and from many different companies and agencies.

So: when you visit Thessaloniki, it’s hard to know where to go, what to do, and who to do it with.

But here’s the thing: not many people give you what our friend Vassilis Kampas can give you.

Born and raised in Thessaloniki, he’s spent most of his life in the city—AND spent 20 years showing guests around Greece.

And coming up next, all the stuff he can give you.

… but before that, a little more about the man himself:

Meet Vassilis Kampas

Remember the 2004 Olympics?

coffee on hot sand activethessholidays upiria

Well… they were hosted in Athens, where Vassilis Kampas was living at the time.

During the games, our observant buddy Vassilis noticed how visitors enjoyed combining Greek culture with adventurous activities.

So, in 2004, he started taking visitors on bicycle tours around Athens. And he created the first EVER company to host bicycle tours in the city.

Then, a little while later, he began inventing adventures and experiences around other parts of Greece…

… including in his native Thessaloniki. 

And there, in Thessaloniki city, he started his travel company Active Thess Holidays.

… so that’s why, today, you’re hearing about the experiences he and his team of fun-loving friendly locals will give you in Thessaloniki. Let’s go!

What can you do with Vassilis when you visit Thessaloniki?

He and the Active Thess Holidays team offer five main Thessaloniki activities: 

  • Bike tours in Thessaloniki: involving 11km and 2.5 hours, expect gentle cycling around well-known and not-so-well-known parts of Thessaloniki city. Highlights include churches, squares, tasty treats, hidden antiques, and discovering narrow side streets. 
cycling near statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki (activethessholidays & upiria)
  • E-Bike tours in Thessaloniki: exactly the same as above… but on an E-bike! So: even gentler, even easier, and even more relaxed. Both activities are suitable for all abilities—but this one’s especially good for people wanting a super-leisurely experience.
activethessholidays ebike tours Thessaloniki book with upiria
  • Food tours in Thessaloniki: Thessaloniki is widely considered the food capital of Greece—and in 2021, it became the first Greek city to be recognised by UNESCO for its food. On a Thessaloniki food tour with Vassilis, you’ll spend 2.5 hours nibbling and sipping on a varied selection of eats and treats. You’ll wander through hidden-away neighborhoods, and you’ll munch on things most tourists never do. 
activethessholidays foud tours Thessaloniki booked with upiria
  • Cooking class in Thessaloniki: more Thessaloniki food! Starting at an age-old local market, you (and your guide) shop where the locals shop, buying a bunch of fresh ingredients. You cook 5 dishes, you eat them, you learn about the food, and you slurp on some well-matched local wine.
activethessholidays cooking class Thessaloniki booked with upiria
  • Wine tasting in Thessaloniki: 1 guide, 3 wine bars, 6 glasses of Greek wine. Fun fact: Greece has one of the oldest wine cultures on the planet—people have been drinking the stuff here for at least 3,500 years.
activethessholidays wine tasting Thessaloniki booked with upiria

… okay, before we go any further, let's be honest: we know what you’re thinking:

‘But lots of companies offer tours like these!’


We can’t argue.

But no-one offers them quite like Vassilis does

For many reasons. 

Here’s how… 

Why should I choose Active Thess Holidays?

activethessholidays white tower cycling booked with upiria

Very few people know Thessaloniki city like Vassilis Kampas knows Thessaloniki city.

He lived here half his life:

He knows the city’s people.

He knows the city’s places.

He knows all the things you can do here—because he’s done them all himself

He’s bought where the locals buy. 

He’s eaten where the locals eat. 

He’s drunk where the locals drink. 

So, when Vassilis takes you to a bar or restaurant in Thessaloniki, he’s already been there many times before… with friends and family. 

activethessholidays wine bar Thessaloniki upiria

Yes, you can drink wine anywhere in Thessaloniki. But with Vassilis, you’ll find the best ambience, the best sommeliers, and the best Thessaloniki food and wine combinations. And you’ll only drink where the locals drink.

Yes, you can eat anywhere in Thessaloniki. But with Vassilis, you’ll eat where the locals eat… and eat particular dishes particular restaurants are known for. These aren’t touristy restaurants; you’ll be sharing your venues with Greek families and dating locals.

Yes, you can shop and cycle and explore Thessaloniki alone. But you won’t find the same small flea markets. You won’t find the same age-old stores. You won’t find the same tucked-away side streets. You won’t stumble upon the same dishes and delicacies. You won’t meet the same local sellers, and you won’t have the same experiences. 

The things Vassilis has shown his friends and family in Thessaloniki… 

… that’s what he’ll be showing YOU in Thessaloniki.

This truly is stuff you can’t Google. These are places Vassilis has found by living in the city. By making friends in the city. By aimlessly exploring. These are the places you won’t find on your own: 

They’re the hidden

… the ancient

… the down-a-small-alley secrets. 

You'll meet local people, you’ll drink local wine, you’ll eat local snacks, and you’ll learn about local culture and history—and you’ll do it all with a local guide. You want to visit Thessaloniki the real way—and this is how.

activethessholidays Thessaloniki team - upiria

Note: not all tours in Thessaloniki are taken with Vassilis. But when he isn’t available, you’ll be led by one of his team. And they’ve all been hand-picked by him for their knowledge, personalities, and experience. So you’ll ALWAYS be with a friendly local expert. 

What can I expect from a tour with Active Thess Holidays?

All Thessaloniki activities are in English, all tours are fun and laid-back, and they’re all accessible to everyone. 

The experiences are all listed on this page (on the sidebar to your right!), and they’re all ready to book right now. 

Click, book, experience, enjoy. Let’s go!

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