Acheron Outdoors: Hiking, Climbing, and Outdoor Activities in Glyki

The little village of Glyki (which translates from Greek into English as “sweet”!) sits in one of the most scenic parts of Greece.

Glyki Acheron Outdoors Upiria

Packed with canyons, hills and mountains, it’s an atmospheric little place… and its natural sights have endless ties to Greek legends. The river running through the town (that’s the Acheron River) was one of the mythical rivers to the underworld—and its name translates to “river of sadness.”

The village and its surrounding area have long been popular spots for green-seeking Greeks keen to escape their cities.  

But now, thanks to our fun-loving friend Semina Nani, the region is quickly becoming a base for foreign (and local) tourists who want mountain hiking and wall climbing adventures. Acheron Outdoors is Semina’s brand-new travel company… and it’s perfect for outdoor lovers like you who want to combine physical challenges with cultural immersion. 

They’re the first Glyki-based travel company offering both mountain hiking and wall climbing in Glyki—and they serve up hefty slices of all that and more. If you’re looking for outdoor activities in Glyki, you’ve found them.

But before we get to all that, here’s more on local hero Semina…

Who is Semina Nani?

In a nutshell, she’s a local adventure expert.

Acheron Outdoors Banner. Upiria

Semina was born and raised just 20 minutes from Glyki; and she’s spent much of her life exploring the place.

Back when she was a kid, she spent summers in and around the village. She’s dipped her feet in the Acheron river. She’s hiked up peaks, and photographed passes. She’s spent years seeking out the best adventures and the most vivid viewpoints. She’s gawped at local wildlife, and picnicked with family and friends.

In short, she loves the area, she knows its people and places, and she wants to share it with you.

Add that to a outgoing personality and an eye for challenges (Semina recently spent 9 days becoming the first Greek woman to ascend Mount Elbrus* from the north side), and you get an adventure-ready local woman who’s exactly the right person to show you around.

*Just in case you’re not totally impressed by that already, Elbrus is the biggest peak in all of Europe(!). We told you Semina was adventurous.

Anyway, if you’re eager for outdoor activities  in Acheron, Semina is exactly who you need. After years of careful planning, she’s transformed her hobby into her job. And it shows. 

What Can I Do With Acheron Outdoors?

You can get involved with loads of outdoor activities in Glyki. Highlights include: 

  • Rock climbing close to Glyki: learn about how to climb (and how to use ropes) as you clamber up 18 meters (59 feet) of real outdoor wall. You get real rocks, real adventure, and beautiful views of the surrounding peak-packed region.
Rock climbing close to Glyki Acheron Outdoors Upiria
  • Mountain hiking in Glyki: carrying traditional wooden shepherds’ canes, you’ll wander past canyons, springs, and distant mountains. Expect ancient ruins, historic sites, friendly locals, little villages, and massive views. The route is a total of 12 kilometers, with an elevation gain of less than 500 meters.
Mountain hiking in Glyki. Acheron Outdoors. Upiria
  • River trekking in Glyki: another view-packed hike—but a little easier, and a little more low-level. You’ll walk along (and through!) the Acheron River, over a short and semi-challenging 5 kilometers (3 miles). HIghlights include a chilly dip in the cold springs.
River trekking in acheron river in Glyki. Acheron Outdoors. Upiria

Artificial outdoor wall near acheron river in glyki  Acheron Outdoors. Upiria

  • Kids events and parties: bespoke adventure-packed experiences for kids, featuring wall climbing, mountain hiking, games, sports, and a whole load of piñata-smashing. An actually-exciting alternative to a boring ol’ indoor party.

  • Corporate fitness experiences: outdoor activities in Glyki for corporate teams. Options include climbing, hiking, river trekking, unique games, and a load of local eats and treats.

  • Climbing courses: for young ones aged between 5 and 17. All courses feature high-end equipment, technique-teaching, and a focus on safety… and they’re all led by a qualified climbing coach.

  • Climbing on an artificial outdoor wall: measuring in at 8 meters (26 feet), this is the first and only outdoor artificial climbing wall in Glyki… and one of the highest in Greece. Unique and unusual, it’s a super-safe way to do some scenic outdoor climbing.

Why Should I Choose Acheron Outdoors?

This isn’t just your average adventure tour company—you get perks and pros you might not get elsewhere.  

Firstly, all guides have professional qualifications and a bunch of experience (Semina, for example, is the only certified climbing coach in the region). They have specialist equipment that no other regional companies have, they offer experiences that no other local companies offer, and they always place a firm focus on safety.

Even better, they’re closely tied to local people and local businesses. During your outdoor adventures, you’ll picnic in local picnic spots. You’ll sip on local wine and munch on local snacks. You’ll meet the people who source and grow what you’re eating, and you’ll learn about what you’re slurping and chewing on.

Expect just-picked pomegranates. Organic meals and morsels. Traditional pies. Fruit-made liquors. Local milk and cheese. And many more local eats and treats.

You’ll also learn about history and tradition as you explore. Expect mythological tales. Under-the-radar locations. Entry to areas that might be inaccessible without a guide. Insights only locals can provide. Historic places. Sights related to Greek myths.

Rock climbing Acheron outdoors Upiria

Semina and her team can also offer recommendations for further adventures: within an hour from here, you can be lazing on beaches, hiking up mountains, exploring little villages, or eating fresh fish in seaside towns. 

What we’re saying is… you can only fully enjoy and understand this area with a local person who knows the place well. And now, you’ve found her—Semina and her team will give you outdoor activities in Glyki, combined with cultural insights and bespoke perks.

In Which Languages Can I Take Tours?

English, Greek and Spanish—Semina speaks all three. 

But no matter which language you use, Semina will treat you like a friend. Expect jokes, fun, and laughter, and to feel like part of a little family. All tours are packed with positivity and fun, and you’ll always leave each experience with a big fat smile on your face.

Important note: experiences are only available from the beginning of June until the beginning of September; and because they’re unique and limited-time-only, they’ll book up fast.

Efcharistó, and thanks for reading!

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